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Tips for selling a home in less time

On Behalf of | Oct 2, 2019 | Residential Real Estate |

Selling a home can be an effective way for property owners in California or elsewhere to cash out equity that has accrued in them. Generally speaking, homeowners want to sell their homes as quickly as possible, and there are many different ways that they can accomplish that goal. The first tip is to hire a professional to take photos of the home in an effort to make a good first impression on a buyer.

These photos should then be posted online as this is where most buyers tend to start their home search. It is not uncommon for potential buyers to start looking at properties online before they have hired a real estate agent. However, photographs are likely not going to be enough to attract eyes to a listing. In addition, sellers will need to create descriptions using appropriate keywords that describe the home’s best features in a concise manner.

Homes tend to sell faster in the spring compared to the fall or winter months, and they also tend to sell faster if they are priced right. This is because homes that are listed above what the market will bear will linger on the market and are more likely to see a price reduction. Often, buyers will assume that there is something wrong with a home if the asking price has been reduced.

An attorney may be helpful to those who are looking to sell their homes in a timely manner. The attorney may be able to work with a buyer to resolve any issues that could be stopping the sale from closing. Legal counsel may also be able to determine if there are liens or other problems with a title that might need to be solved before a residential property can be sold.