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Defending Health Care Providers That Face ADA Lawsuits

Health care providers, including medical practices, doctor and dental offices, see countless patients, caregivers and relatives through their doors each day. As an administrator, property manager, owner or other entity, it is possible that you could be targeted by an Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) lawsuit.

If your health care facility has been served with a California ADA lawsuit, it is imperative to obtain help from a defense lawyer as soon as you can. Reach out to Karlin Law Firm LLP to arrange your consultation today.

With more than 35 years of experience, our California ADA defense lawyers with branch offices throughout the state have extensive knowledge of the types of lawsuits that can arise. To reach our attorneys, please call us toll-free at 888-698-8932, or call one of our branch office numbers, with ADA defense branch offices in Los Angeles, San Diego County, Tustin and soon the Bay Area to provide lawyers for ADA defense for ADA lawsuits filed in the San Jose, San Francisco and Oakland areas. Our Orange County, Newport Beach and Tustin offices serve various cities with ADA defense lawyers, such as Costa Mesa, Huntington Beach, Westminster, Anaheim, Fullerton, Buena Park, Irvine, Santa Ana, Orange, Dana Point and more. Our Tustin branch office serves Sacramento, Stockton, Bakersfield, Placerville and more with ADA defense representation.

Health Care Facilities Are Not Immune To Lawsuits

Health care facilities are often at an advantage due to the high level of understanding that is involved in the day-to-day operations. The health care industry is designed to help people and to look out for those who require special accommodations. Lawsuits can often successfully be prevented, but the dishonest actions of people seeking payouts cannot. Perhaps the lawsuit involves ADA compliance in patient restrooms, grab bars, entryways, hallways, service and transaction counters, as well as parking lots and parking stalls, van accessible ADA spaces, walkways, access aisles, and the use of truncated domes to assist the blind and visually impaired. Health care facilities also need to be aware of service animals and the ADA laws and regulations, and have a policy for employees to follow regarding service animals.

Our defense attorneys represent health care providers and entities in claims brought against:

  • Physicians’ clinics
  • Physical therapy offices
  • Dentists’ offices
  • Orthodontists’ offices
  • Dialysis units
  • Advanced treatment centers
  • Medical laboratories
  • Hospitals
  • Universities and other academic institutions offering medical care

With more than 35 years of experience serving individuals, companies and facilities throughout California, we are prepared to handle your ADA lawsuit defense. With an eye on efficiency and cost-effectiveness, Karlin Law Firm LLP is on your side.

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