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Motel And Hotel Swimming Pools And Spas ADA

Our law firm has developed ADA defense strategies designed to come to a quick and cost-effective resolution for our clients. These strategies include resolving ADA claims related to pools and spas at hotel and motel properties. Karlin Law Firm LLP is well-versed in the compliance issues regarding pools and spas at hotels and motels and ready to help you resolve your matter.

If you have been served with a California ADA lawsuit regarding a hotel or motel pool or spa from an ADA plaintiff firm, such as Peter Strojnik of the Strojnik Firm LLC, or Plaintiff Theresa Brooke, contact Karlin Law Firm LLP for assistance.

These ADA lawsuits are often brought by Peter Strojnick and Theresa Brooke in the California Federal Court, including the U.S. District Court for the eastern, northern, central and southern districts, as well as county courts in the Bakersfield, Tustin, Sacramento, San Jose, Oakland and other California areas. The ADA defense lawyers at Karlin Law Firm LLP can help you resolve these cases.