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Restaurant And Food Service ADA Compliance

In California, Restaurant and Food Service businesses have been targeted in ADA lawsuits. ADA compliance claims often address a lack of ADA tables, ADA compliant countertops, ADA compliant restrooms, including grab bars, stalls, doorways and mirrors, in addition to the parking lot, van accessible parking, and ramps. ADA compliance in outdoor seating areas is now being looked at. There are plaintiffs who only file ADA lawsuits against restaurants and food-service businesses.

These California Restaurant ADA Lawsuits are often brought in the U.S. District Court Central District, Northern, Eastern and Southern District Courts, as well as the Sacramento, Tustin, San Jose, Los Angeles, Orange, Tustin, San Bernardino and San Diego County Courts.

At the Karlin Law Firm LLP, our California ADA defense Lawyers defend Restaurant and Food Service businesses as well as property owners in ADA Lawsuits. We try to ascertain if there is ADA compliance if there are exemptions if compliance is “readily achievable” and look for quick and cost-effective solutions if possible. Call us now if your Restaurant, Food Service business, or your tenants with these types of businesses, have been a victim of an ADA lawsuit or have been threatened with an ADA lawsuit.